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March 21, 2020



Hosted By

Lucinda Cross

RED ALERT…The Big ASK Experience is almost sold out.

About The Event

Could it be that you are not asking the right questions?
Could it be that your ask is not clear?
Could it be that you are not living in the land of “more than enough” because you’re not clear of the who, what, and how?
It is time for you to get crystal clear on who you are and what you desire. The Big ASK conference will place you in a room full of people that will provide you on the spot support and results. If you are willing to put aside your fears, doubts, insecurities and open up yourself to the Power of Asking I guarantee your life will never be the same. The Big ASK conference is about you coming for what you want and believing that everything you need is in the room.  

Imagine a room full of people all showing up to serve you. You walk in the door, and there is a seat at the table with your name on it. Everyone greets you and welcomes you to the table. They all begin to serve you. Some have gifts, and some have opportunities, some have answers to your prayers, and some are there to be of support. They are coming from all backgrounds, networks, and expertise waiting to fulfill your biggest ASK with no strings attached.

That is the energy and the atmosphere of The Big ASK Experience. A room surrounded by people who are the most influential minds. The Big ASK Experience is the place where you’ll find tried and true answers to your questions. The attendees and participants at the Big ASK have already accomplished what you desire to do; and are there specifically to give you advice, support, and how-to and what-to-do insight.

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March 21, 2020


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Never hesitate to ask


Where Is This Going To Be?

New York, NY (Secret Location).

Who Should Attend?

Those who have a big ASK. Those who keep praying for help. Those who have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Production and Result Driven Years Hosting?

Five years of The Activate Conference

One year of Super Mom Entrepreneur Conference

Going on 2nd Year of WE Nation

Hosted over 300 workshops online and virtual classes under the Activate brand..

Who Will Be There?

A group of leaders who have been through the fire, can’t be outworked, addicted to success, too raw and real for TV group of power thinkers and doers.

What Is This All About?

Masterminding, Networking, Collaborating and Creating new alliances. In a laid back business conference event format.

The Big ASK Experience will gather those action takers who don’t make excuses and take the risk because their why is bigger than their why not.

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